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The course of cooperation

In one-day or multi-day design sprints, we will go through the complete Value Proposition Design methodology together and look at your target groups and their needs from all relevant angles. Key members of your team are involved in the design process, so they get to see first-hand the important business issues associated with your customers.

The output of the entire design sprint (workshop) is a series of business hypotheses – assumptions about who the customer is and what they need. Conjectures – information that must then be verified in the market. An important part of the process is the market research that the team conducts themselves. In order to gain as much knowledge as possible and to verify or refute their key business assumptions. Only then can further business strategy be built on them.

Typical outcomes

  • The output of value proposition design sprints is a detailed understanding of the target groups and their needs on the one hand. On the other hand, the company’s value proposition (products and services and how they are presented) is adjusted to match the mindset and functioning of the customers.
  • All the key ideas related to customers and the offer are validated in the market. The company thus builds its business not on assumptions about the customer, but on real knowledge that it has verified and can rely on for validity.

Key benefits

  • You will know everything important about your customers. You will know how they think, what tasks (called Jobs To Be Done) are important to them or what are their desires.
  • You will get market-validated information, not just assumptions that may or may not be true.
  • You’ll get the processes and techniques to conduct quick and inexpensive market research and how to connect with potential customers to get the information you need from them.
  • With the methods and information you gain, you will no longer make only informed decisions based on customer data.
  • You’ll identify white spaces in your own knowledge of the client and their needs. There are often “aha” moments during these exercises.
  • You gain a new perspective on your own product offering.

Key building blocks

  • Clear, globally proven and recognized Value Proposition Design methodology.
  • Agile market research to validate important business hypotheses.
  • An effective form of design sprint that allows you to gain highly valuable input in a short time to maximize the return on your project investment.
  • Thorough understanding of the customer and (re)design of the offer according to the established and verified facts.

Investment in the project

The price depends on the length of the entire sprint and is based on the rate per business day (12,000 CZK excluding VAT).

The following principles guide us in designing the ideal solution for each of our clients. They maximize the chance that the proposed changes will succeed and deliver the expected results.

Do you want to get to know your customers perfectly and prepare a value proposition they won’t refuse?

Let’s have a coffee. 😉

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