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With proven strategic tools and data-driven consulting and management, we help companies find new sources of margin, find or create new competitive advantages, and improve their market position and overall competitiveness.

We offer a single solution that is always tailored to the needs of a specific client and situation by choosing the right tools and processes. The most common problems we encounter with clients can be found on our Most Frequently Addressed Problems page.

The course of cooperation

We divide the cooperation into two separate units:

  • Baseline analysis
  • Consultancy / management cooperation

Baseline analysis

It is a prerequisite for successful cooperation. First of all, it is necessary to identify all the problems that lead to the fact that some of the key indicators do not correspond to the ideas of the owners or the management of the company. There is rarely only one cause. On the contrary, it is almost always a tangled web of causes of various kinds (external and internal). The most common problems we encounter with clients can be found on our Most Frequently Addressed Problems page.

A baseline analysis is a clearly timed project with a separate budget. It usually takes 1 – 2 months to complete. It results in specific findings and proposed change projects that will lead to the desired results. These can be addressed/directed by the client on their own or in collaboration with us.

Consultancy / management cooperation

The second phase (in total) is the follow-up work on specific changes based on the analysis. Our role here can range from the minimum (occasional consultations to change managers) to more intensive consultancy work, where we are often in contact with change managers and help them to implement changes, to an interim management role, where we lead specific change projects for the client ourselves and integrate ourselves into the company structure for a certain period of time.

These projects are medium to long term depending on the amount of change that needs to be implemented. The implementation period ranges from a quarter of a year to about two years. They do not have a clearly defined time frame in advance (in layman’s terms, we work together until the goal is achieved). The project is financed by a fixed monthly fee (possibly supplemented by a success fee).

How we proceed

  • Project assignment

    An outline of the objectives and the "starting line" at which we begin

  • Company and market analysis

    Trying to find out what could help or hinder us in achieving our goals

    Company and market analysis

  • Definition (discovery) of key challenges

    The result of the analysis is an inventory of positive and negative aspects that need to be exploited or resolved to move the company forward

  • Selecting the projects with the biggest impacts

    Selecting specific change projects to tackle and designing a process to ensure success

    Selecting the projects with the biggest impacts

  • Realisation of change projects

    Consultancy or management work on selected projects

  • Regular evaluation

    Regular meetings with top management and evaluation of the progress of cooperation, corrections if necessary

    Regular evaluation


The analysis takes the form of a meeting with the owner or CEO of the company or other members of management. It takes no more than half a day, is free of charge and does not entail any obligations or commitments for you. It helps us to uncover any potential challenges that could hinder the achievement of your strategic goals and the fulfillment of the common goal of cooperation.


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