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How it all began

“Founding Brand Hub was a long-standing idea of mine that I’ve cultivated over my 13+ year marketing career. Marketing was my choice at the very beginning of my career. It has long been a small dream of mine to revolutionize the way new or redesign existing underperforming or underperforming companies are built in the country. To see and support the building, improvement and growth of companies everywhere, those amazing works of the human mind and human endeavor. This small dream is the driving force behind the vision and mission of the Brand Hub consulting firm.”

Michal Kubín, Co-Founder & COO

Where we want to grow (our vision)

Our vision is described on almost two A4 pages. It’s a detailed picture of what the company should one day look like. After all, that’s what a vision should be, so it’s not just a shallow sentence that says nothing. The key passage is then as follows:

“Brand Hub is a world-class agency, known for unique, top-quality consulting services, the number one choice for small and medium-sized companies across the country that need help out of trouble or want to move from a place of stagnation and start new growth. …”

Why we do what we do (our mission)

“All of our actions lead to fulfilling our sole purpose for being, which is to create brands that stand out from the grey of mediocrity. Brands that change the rules in their business. We fulfill our purpose by helping to build companies that are great examples of how business can be done differently – with passion, with client focus, with a focus on a superior product, and most importantly – with completely different results than the average company typically achieves. All of our consulting services and products reflect this philosophy. It is the only way we can participate in the birth of new rulers in the mid-size and small business sector.”

Who is behind Brand Hub

Michal Kubín

Michal works at Brand Hub as COO and Principal Consultant. Starting his own agency was his dream and now he is fulfilling it – building his own consulting agency focused on sustainable development of companies, designing business models and marketing strategies.

He graduated from Newton College in Brno with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management. This is also where his love for marketing and entrepreneurship began. In his career so far, he has spent most of his time in marketing and communications, both on the agency and client side. This is also the area from which he recruits his professional trainings, which he organizes in collaboration with agencies Top Vision and Sova Studio.

In his spare time, he mainly devotes himself to personal development, reading and sports. He is a lover of music of many genres, especially hard rock, heavy metal and punk rock. Since his high school years he has been following bands like Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and others. This music inspired him to acquire an electric guitar, which he is learning to play as an amateur enthusiast. He doesn’t disdain a good film or TV series.

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