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We will map your key competitors, their product offerings and promotions. Most importantly, we will compare them with you and with each other. We’ll map the trends in your industry and market and recommend how to take advantage of them. You’ll find out how your competitors are promoting their business and products, what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. We’ll recommend where to draw inspiration and how to use their weaknesses to your advantage.

What are the outputs of the analysis

The outputs are as follows:

  • The completed analysis in the form of a presentation, which remains as a basis for further strategic decision-making. The presentation includes any recommendations on how to approach the findings and how to translate them into further strategic, tactical and operational work.
  • Workshop – where we will discuss the findings and jointly consider our recommendations for further action.

How competitor analysis works

At the kick-off meeting, we will gather input. We will try to get to know you and your offering and agree on competitors to include in the analysis. We will then get down to the first steps and structure your analysis (about a week from the start of the work). This phase is followed by a second meeting to ensure that we are moving in the right direction and have understood all the input from you correctly. After that, work on the complete analysis will take place (duration from 3 to about 8 weeks). Once the analysis is complete, there is a half to full day workshop (depending on the scope of the analysis results) where we discuss all the findings together and suggestions on how to work with them further.

What you get with the competitor analysis

  • You will learn how competitors are profiled and presented. What kind of promotion it uses, on which channels, to what extent, with what effect, etc.
  • You will find out what competitive advantages it has and how it can work with them in its communication.
  • You will find out where the market in which you operate is heading in terms of observable indications.
  • We will assess where your market stands in terms of competitiveness and the risks of new competitors entering and recommend barriers that can be built to make the possibility of entry more difficult.
  • We will recommend appropriate changes in communication, product offering, differentiation from competitors and market positioning.


The cost of the analysis starts at 80,000 CZK excluding VAT. It depends on the size of the company and its portfolio, and above all on the number of competitors analysed.


The analysis takes the form of a meeting with the owner or CEO of the company or other members of management. It takes no more than half a day, is free of charge and does not entail any obligations or commitments for you. It helps us to uncover any potential challenges that could hinder the achievement of your strategic goals and the fulfillment of the common goal of cooperation.


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