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We will map all challenges and problems in your company in detail and independently and identify room for improvement.

Every entrepreneur sees their business as better than reality

We have no relationship to your business. We haven’t spent thousands of hours building it. Therefore, we don’t carry emotional and sentimental baggage that would prevent us from objectively seeing the problems and challenges your business faces.

As a result, we are able to spot any key imperfections and come up with timely suggestions on how to address them. So that your business can continue to grow and prosper unhindered.

Diagnostic outputs

The output of about a month of intensive work in the company is an analytical report describing all the key findings. However, the main part of this analytical report is the proposed solutions. The selected proposals are developed into concrete projects as part of the implementation process in consultation with the company’s management.

How the diagnostics are carried out

The analysis takes about a month, with the maximum time spent physically in the company or through online meetings to map the state of the company. We try to understand the dynamics of the company and talk to as many interested people as possible. In order to get as comprehensive a picture as possible and to be able to evaluate the findings in context.

After spending about three weeks in the company, we produce an analytical report and a set of recommendations for about a week. The report is followed by a half to full day workshop with the client and key stakeholders. At this workshop, we discuss all the findings and agree on the measures the client wants to implement. These are then developed into a project plan within one week of the workshop.

What you will gain from the diagnostic

  • You get an independent view of your company’s operations.
  • We will uncover ongoing or latent problems and crises.
  • We will provide you with a concrete list of measures that will eliminate the identified problems or at least mitigate their impact.
  • We’ll help you initiate corrective action with suggestions and project plans.


The cost of the analysis starts at 80,000 CZK excluding VAT. It depends on the size of the company, the number of stakeholders (managers, departments, teams, etc.) and the total time spent on the analysis.


The analysis takes the form of a meeting with the owner or CEO of the company or other members of management. It takes no more than half a day, is free of charge and does not entail any obligations or commitments for you. It helps us to uncover any potential challenges that could hinder the achievement of your strategic goals and the fulfillment of the common goal of cooperation.


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