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In the practical seminar 10 principles of increasing the competitiveness of the company, we will discuss the principles of building the competitiveness of companies that have proven to be the most successful in our work with client companies. You can find them in our Competitive Advantage Model, which is a supporting tool for the seminar.

The seminar is structured as a hands-on workshop where we will discuss the practices and tools we use with our clients to increase competitiveness. We will look together at, for example, introducing innovation in the company, developing an innovation environment, redesigning business models, the impact of brand (and building it correctly) on competitiveness and many other areas. At the same time, we will discuss methods and tools to use the principles of the Competitive Advantage Model for the development of your own company.

Key benefits of the seminar

  • You will gain a variety of tips and inspiration for strengthening your company’s competitiveness, including tools that can be used for each avenue of improvement.
  • Thanks to the small group of participants, there is always plenty of room to discuss and share each participant’s experience of strengthening competitiveness and the paths and tools discussed.
  • The seminar does not focus on one particular way of innovation and company development, but gives the participants the opportunity to choose the type suitable for them and their situation and to discuss it in greater detail.
  • The seminar is interspersed with case studies and practical practices that we use every day with our clients.

Who can benefit from it

For the owner or director of a small or medium-sized business who has a strategic role in the company (i.e. CEO rather than COO) and who wants to develop their company further, build new markets and push their company’s competitiveness further and further (and has the time and mental capacity to do so).

Typical outcomes of the seminar

  • Inspiration in the form of different directions of possible development of the company’s competitiveness.
  • A range of proven tools with information on resources for further in-depth self-study.
  • Discussion on the optimal direction for the development of the companies of the course participants.

Organizational details

  • The seminar is a one-day event and runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Refreshments and lunch are provided for participants.
  • Parking is available at all locations where we hold the course (parking may be charged).
  • Maximum number of participants: 12


3 630 CZK incl. VAT (3 000 CZK excl. VAT)

The seminar is paid in advance on the basis of an advance invoice.

We currently have no dates announced. If you fill in the form below, we will inform you about the new date.

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