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Brand Incubator is a comprehensive brand incubator program. We will guide you through the entire process of creating your brand strategy. From defining your strategic vision and mission, through complete positioning (defining yourself against your competitors in the market) to designing your marketing mix and communication. It is a comprehensive program from which you will get many outputs for further strategic and managerial work. Thanks to the fact that the incubator is implemented in the form of workshops with the involvement of key people in the company, the program also acts as teambuilding.

The course of cooperation

The implementation begins with a brief analysis of the company and its business, including its main competitors. This analysis is entirely in our hands and requires a minimal time investment from you. At the beginning of the project, we will take the necessary inputs from you to study.

Subsequent implementation takes the form of guided design sprints on specific topics. In its full version, the incubator has ten design sprints and a final workshop where the final document – your brand manual – is presented.

Typical deliverables

  • The outputs of each workshop and design sprint are specific parts of the strategy that define your business and brand.
  • The final output of the entire incubator is the brand manual, which serves as the basis for the preparation of the promotion and for the design of the corporate identity.

Key benefits

  • This is one of the most comprehensive and complete brand design programs on the market.
  • The incubator focuses not only on the surface (what the brand personality and communication should look like) but also on the system and strategy (products from the brand perspective, core values, vision and mission, market definition and demarcation against competitors).
  • A team made up of your key people participates significantly in the entire creation. It is a team effort. The team is thus drawn into the whole process and embraces it as their own.
  • Thanks to the workshop format, the program also bonds the team and sets a common vision.

Key building blocks

  • Focus on the complete marketing mix from a brand perspective (products, pricing, promotion and distribution).
  • Involving key people in the company in the entire creation process.
  • Focus on the future (vision) and the present (right target groups, profitability of product portfolio, business model).
  • A project plan for putting concrete steps into practice.

Investment in the project

The project in its full form represents more than 100 hours of consultancy work.

The cost of the incubator is 162,000 CZK excluding VAT (excluding support costs).

When working with clients, we follow clearly defined principles. You can read them on our The way we work page.

Want to find out how the Brand Incubator program can benefit your business?

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