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We not only design, but often manage change projects in marketing. The ideal form of cooperation in these cases is interim management. In the role of an external marketing manager, we help set the right KPIs for the marketing department, set up processes and reporting, and ensure a functional marketing department that contributes to the company’s goals. Interim projects last six months to a year, depending on the need. During that time, we will also prepare everything for the arrival of an internal marketing manager and help with the selection process if needed.

The course of cooperation

  1. At the beginning we always define and write down your needs, ideas about the results and the course of cooperation.
  2. We set the timeframe of the project and the individual milestones, or inputs and dependencies on other parts of the company (R&D, sales, input supply, production, etc.).
  3. We will assemble the team (if it is not already in place), set its KPIs and tasks.
  4. We will start implementing the first micro-projects and tasks.
  5. We meet regularly with top management over the results of the collaboration. Frequency is as needed – once every 14 days to a month.

The most common KPIs we work with

KPIs can be divided into primary and secondary based on the impact on the client’s business. For most collaborations, a portion of our remuneration is based on them.


  • Number of inquiries (hot leads) from B2B clients.
  • Number of orders/registrations or purchases for B2C clients.


  • Contacts for regular communication with potential customers and remarketing (creation of email database, active fans on social media, number of contacts for telemarketing, etc.).
  • Website traffic and its quality.

Terms of cooperation

  • Projects are concluded for a minimum of six months.
  • The remuneration usually combines a fixed and variable component dependent on the results achieved.
  • The minimum amount of cooperation is at the level of 1/4 full-time.

Things to keep in mind

Interim management projects are not outsourced to the marketing department. They are an outsourcing of the CMO (marketing manager or director) position. The Interim Manager is not dealing with specific creative, but is responsible for the management and results of the department.

When working with clients, we follow clearly defined principles. You can read them on our The way we work page.

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